Chisel Creek Ladies Golf Association

Thank You for all the Great Memories!!!!



No One Got  Par for the course…. but some got very, very close!

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Final Scramble Results:

1st Place Team – Pat Robertson, Cheryl Nye, Ellie Schmidt & Helene Tanny
2nd Place Team – Mary Martini, Alison Harrison, Connie Del Pizzo, Nancy Wallace
3rd Place Team – Mille Theetge, Deb Williams, April Anderson, Nancy Ryan

Closest to the Pin #8 – Alison Harrison
Closest to the Pin #11 Joanne Loving
Longest Drive – Cheryl Nye


2017 Player Of the Year Points Race: Final Standings

Tuesday 9-Hole Group: 

Alison Harrison 61
Judy Porta 54
Theresa Anderson 53
Nancy Wallace 35
Alena Maletesta 23
Janet Paterson 20
Wendy McPartland 18
Wendy Jones 18
Kate Wallace 15
Melissa McVaugh 12
Betty Sharon 10
Deb Hoelzer 7
Freda Gates 7
Cheryl Nye 5
Nancy Ryan 5
CJ Holoviak 2


Wednesday 18-Hole Group Standings

Alison Harrison 85
Cheryl Nye 75
April Anderson 73
Betty Sharon 71
Millie Theetge 71
Diane Hawke 63
Mary Martini 62
Freda Gates 48
Joanne Loving 47
Polly Welldon 45
Peg Martin 43
Pat Robertson 43
Nancy Signorielli 39
Connie Del Pizzo 27
Carolyn Wallace 26
Debbie Williams 25
Ellie Schmidt 23
Susan Karlson 17
Janet Paterson 17
Deb Wilson 16
Michelle Herron 11
Carol Maguire 11

Wednesday 9-Hole Group Standings

Audrey Colgan 138
Patti Stout 98
Sandy Hennessey 61
Anne Morgenthaler 44
Helene Tanny 37
Deb Hoelzer 35
Arlene Eckell 35
Diane Judge 30
Karen Wallach 30
Maria Beaton 23
Janet Paterson 22
Ginny Morrow 22
Pam McLaughlin 18
Sue Ramberg 14
Bonnie Donawick 14
Marichu Valencia 14
Nancy Ryan 10
Ellie Schmidt 5



2017 Year End Awards

Wednesday 18-Hole Group
Player of the Year: Alison Harrison
18-Hole League Champion: Millie Theetge
18-Hole B-Flight League Champion: Freda Gates
18-Hole Low Net League Champion: Cheryl Nye

Wednesday 9-Hole Group
Player of the Year: Audrey Colgan
9-Hole League Champion: Audrey Colgan

Tuesday Night 9-Hole Group
Player of the Year: Alison Harrison
9-Hole League Champion: Judy Porta

2017 CCLGA Most Improved Player: Polly Welldon

Congrats to all the Winners!